Shalom! Thank you for coming to my website! My name is Kara (my nickname is KaraYah).  I was eight years old when I asked Daddy to help me make a website of my own. My first one had one page that included the picture below, a song, memory verse, a picture of our latest parakeets, and the first kitten picture on my 'Our Animals' page today. When I was around 10-11, I added 4 of the additions to the left. 'My Favorite Scriptures, Songs, About Abortion (Stop it!!), and My Family's Websites,' and I turned my original home page--minus the song--into the 'Our Animals' page, and as the home, as I mentioned earlier. In 2006, I created the 'Tassels Page' and re-made my home page. My newest addition, as of this year, 2008, is the "Yah's Girls" page, a website made for girls who are still in their fathers home to learn their roles in their home, and on the forum, discuss Scripture, discuss our roles as girls/women, as well as just fellowship and learn together. Besides that I've changed a few other things, but that's the major one I changed :) PS: My brother (KolaYah) redesigned the website also.

Thank you for reading! - Kara